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Ethan's first music video, A Cello Rondo, was released in 2006 and became an instant hit, with more than 1.5 million views so far on YouTube, Google Video, and other sites. Now, more than a year in the making, Ethan is proud to present his latest effort. Tele-Vision is far more ambitious than A Cello Rondo, and equally entertaining. This is a rock guitar symphony of epic proportions featuring Ethan's Fender Telecaster guitar, plus dozens of other instruments played by Ethan. Click HERE to read more about A Cello Rondo, or to download the printed music.



High-Resolution version HERE on YouTube.
Watch a 7-minute trailer for the DVD HERE.


($22.99 outside North America)
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The DVD includes broadcast-quality widescreen versions of both Tele-Vision and A Cello Rondo, plus many additional features including more than three hours of entertaining and educational footage.

  • Stereo and 5.1 Dolby surround sound tracks for both videos

  • Director's Commentaries for both videos

  • Play-along version with no lead guitars (Tele-Vision only)

  • Unmastered soundtrack for educational comparison (Tele-Vision only)

  • Behind The Scenes documentary (41 minutes)

  • Making Of section showing how these videos were made (159 minutes)

  • Region-free to play correctly anywhere in the world.

On this DVD Ethan Winer fully explains how he recorded the audio and edited the video for these fantastic productions. Ethan also shares the expertise and wisdom he's gained over 40 years as a professional recording engineer. The Behind The Scenes documentary shows amusing and interesting highlights and interviews from the video shoot sessions and much more. The extensive Making Of section presents a detailed look at how the audio was recorded and how the video was edited, a lecture on basic audio principles, plus a tour of Ethan's home studio and his living room home theater where the surround audio soundtrack was mixed. Total running time of this DVD is 3 hours 38 minutes.



A few people have asked for the printed music to the cello and piano section that starts about three minutes into the video. Since I had already typeset printed music for myself, it was easy for me to make it available for downloading. Likewise for the bass parts. Either click the links below and print the music from your browser, or right-click and use Save Image As to save these GIF files to your hard drive permanently.



In the first few weeks after Tele-Vision was released I received many favorable comments by email, in addition to all the praise on the Tele-Vision page at YouTube. Below are just a few, and there's also a great review at the Audiophile Audition web site.

I just spent an enjoyable 12 minutes in the imaginative world of Ethan Winer. First let me point out that despite all the effects and costumes, it is your music that makes the video work. It reflects a joyous, soulful person. Even though the visual aspect of the piece has a "what's next" aspect, it is the music that really builds up a listener's expectations. It is a tour de force and in all ways a step beyond your "Cello Rondo." --Robert Rogers

Outstanding Ethan! --Richard Hilton, keyboardist for Chic and producer Nile Rodgers' engineer.

I watched a large chunk of your "making of" and "behind the scenes" footage last night. It was very interesting, and I learned a couple of new things ... I didn't know about the mask feature in Vegas, and didn't know you could CTRL-Click on a solo button to turn off all the solos... that would have saved me many mouse clips and time! Very informative, and well worth the money! Of course, the two finished videos are very entertaining to watch as well! --Steve, Gearslutz web forum

I watched your video, you are just great! --Nestor Tedesco, conductor for the Buenos Aires Cello Ensamble

I'm pretty sure you are a genius dude!!!!! Jeezzuss. --Al Justice

It's absolutely amazing and I hope that many DVDs are sold. You really did an amazing piece of work here. You are very talented with what you do and it is a great hobby to have. Thank you for sharing it with me and I hope that you have a GREAT day --Michael Touranjoe

What can I say amazing! Stupendous! Monumental! Incredibly enjoying to watch, Nice Going Ethan. --Scott Lebish

Tele-Vision is outstanding, Mr. Winer! I'm blown away! You're musical talent is amazing ... your work is an inspiration for me to keep working hard and chasing the dream. Bravo, Maestro. --Jason M. Miller

This might sound a bit over-the-top, but what you do moves me deeply -- you're so committed, so good at what you do, and you obviously enjoy it so much -- the very definition of "passion" to me! I can only say "Wow" (and I don't get "Wowed" all that easily, believe it or not!) --Susan G.

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