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Thanks for visiting my web site. There's a huge amount of information on this site in more than 100 separate pages. Most of the magazine articles I've written over the years are here, as are many of my pop tunes and classical compositions, plus fun stuff like my funny names and oxymorons lists, and much more. Click the links at the top of the page, and please enjoy your visit!

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Ethan Winer
34 Cedar Vale Drive
New Milford, CT  06776-4600

Phone hours 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm Eastern time USA, every day:
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I DO NOT PROVIDE FREE PERSONAL CONSULTING. If you have questions and want private advice, I offer tutoring on all aspects of audio, recording, and acoustics in person, by telephone, email, or Skype. Most consultations are charged at a flat rate of $200. For acoustic advice, another option is to purchase products from my company RealTraps, which includes expert guidance as part of the sale.

IF YOU WANT FREE ADVICE I'LL STILL HELP YOU. But please ask in my Audio Expert Forum rather than email or telephone me. That way the effort I put into answering will help others, and you can benefit from other answers too.

PLEASE DO NOT POST my email address above in a public forum. I love when people recommend my website, Audio Expert book, and other services! But to avoid receiving spam I prefer posting a link to this page. I acknowledge all emails except funny name submissions. If you send me a funny name I may or may not post it. If you send me email about anything else and don't get a reply, please check your spam folder and send again if needed with the word "query" in the subject.

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