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GraphPak Professional

Add Professional-looking Graphs and Charts to Your Programs

GraphPak Professional is a collection of BASIC subroutines for displaying a variety of line, bar, and pie charts and graphs from within your own programs. The high-level routines provide a simple way to display complete graphs quickly, by passing arrays containing the numeric data and list of data legends. Low-level subprograms may be accessed directly to draw individual bars, lines, text strings, and so forth. Routines are also provided to save and load full-screen images in the popular .PCX format, for importing into desktop publishing programs. In all, GraphPak Professional lets you create six different types of graphs, and all can be drawn using an attractive 3D effect. The graph types are Bar, Pie, Line (linear, log, semi-log), High-Low-Close, Scatter Plot, and Surface Plot.

A font editor is included that lets you create and edit custom fonts, as well as a tile designer which allows easy creation of interesting and attractive background patterns. Tiles are used throughout the GraphPak routines to paint the various bars and patterns used in the graphs. By using the tile editing program, you can design and specify a variety of hatching patterns to be used in your graphs.

Seven different graphics video screen modes are supported: VGA screens 11 and 12, EGA screens 9 and 10, CGA screens 1 and 2, and Hercules monochrome. An assembly language routine is provided to determine the type of monitor that is currently active, and the information it returns helps you select an appropriate screen mode. To make this even easier, GraphPak Professional includes a routine to initialize the highest resolution screen mode available for you automatically. Another subroutine is included to save EGA and VGA screens to disk, and yet another lets you print the screens.

The Full Moon Philosophy

As with all our products, full source code is provided at no additional cost, so you can see how the routines were designed and even modify them if you want. We genuinely want you to understand how our libraries work and be able to learn from them. All of our products are reasonably priced and include free technical assistance, but they are licensed for use by only one person using one computer at a time. Royalty payments are not required when our routines are incorporated into your compiled applications. However, you may not distribute our source, object, or library files. If your customers need to rebuild your program, they will need their own copy of our product(s).

The Bottom Line

GraphPak Professional costs only $79, which represents a substantial savings compared to its original price of $149. It works with QuickBASIC 4.x, PDS 7.x, and VB/DOS. Add $8 for UPS ground shipping to US addresses only (no P.O. boxes); Connecticut residents must add 6.0% sales tax or show proof of tax-exempt status when ordering. Please email or call for overnight and foreign shipping costs. We accept only prepaid orders accompanied by a check.

Download Demo: GRAPHPAK.ZIP (75k)

GraphPak Professional is a trademark of Crescent Software, Inc.