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Smileys I Have Known

I don't know who makes these crazy things, but they sure are a lot of fun. Here's my collection so far, both Static and Animated. To download any of them just right-click on a picture and select the Save Picture As option. To download all of them with Internet Explorer select File..Save As and they'll all be saved to a folder. If you have any other Smileys please send them to me!

And if you really like smileys, check out the collection at www.smileyplanet.de.

Static Little Smileys

Smile.gif (93 bytes) Wink.gif (135 bytes) Thumbs Up.gif (139 bytes) Big Grin.gif (152 bytes) Cool.gif (124 bytes) Frown.gif (94 bytes) Cringe.gif (151 bytes) Confused.gif (110 bytes) Crap!.gif (880 bytes) Red Face.gif (136 bytes) Mad.gif (154 bytes)

Rainbow Note.gif (1005 bytes)Sunny.gif (1102 bytes)

Animated Little Smileys

Wave.gif (3249 bytes) Wave2.gif (487 bytes) Talker.gif (819 bytes) Roll Eyes.gif (1784 bytes) Laugh2.gif (317 bytes) RotaEye.gif (725 bytes) Bear.gif (329 bytes) Big Grin2.gif (277 bytes) Confused2.gif (717 bytes) ROFLMAO.gif (4529 bytes) Scream.gif (321 bytes)

Fly Licker.gif (6036 bytes) Crash.gif (339 bytes) Fight.gif (1930 bytes)

Confused3.gif (321 bytes) Jump1.gif (1754 bytes) Eek.gif (1264 bytes) Tongue.gif (338 bytes) Crying.gif (623 bytes) Eek2.gif (2233 bytes) I Dunno.gif (275 bytes)

Big Smileys


  Bigeyes.gif (1358 bytes)

Dead Smileys

Dead03.gif (136 bytes) Angel Devil.gif (1781 bytes)



Deformed Smileys

More Smileys

Crying Smileys

Yet More Smileys

Spinning03.gif (8908 bytes)