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AES Audio Myths Video - Support Files

Below are the original Wave files that accompany my AES Audio Myths Workshop video, listed in the order they appear in the video. Each file plays exactly as heard in the video, with artifacts added, or switching between dithered and truncated etc, at the exact same times as they do in the video. The noise file used in the Artifact Audibility section is also available for download, so you can do similar experiments on your own.

For your amusement, links are provided to MP3 or video versions of the full tunes (my own music only). Some of the files below are 16 bits, but some are 24 bits and may not play in consumer media players. I suggest you right-click and use Save Link As or Save Target As to save the files to your own hard drive.

I recently added a better self-test for determining if dither is really audible: Dither Report

You can download the script file for this video as a Word document. It shows what was said in the video as mm:ss times.

You can also download these details of the SoundBlaster versus Apogee converter comparison mentioned starting at 41:56.

The freeware plug-ins used in the video demo are +Decimate, Sanford Phaser, and the Sonalksis Free G precision volume control (for precise nulling).

Section Wave Files Full Tune
Artifact Audibility Example 1 (9 MB) Men at Work
Artifact Audibility Example 2 (10 MB) Cello Concerto
Artifact Audibility Noise File (75 KB)  
Dither Example 1 (5 MB) Lullaby
Dither Example 2 (6 MB)  
Dither Example 3 (6 MB)  
SoundBlaster versus Apogee Example (4 MB)  
M-Audio Delta 66, one Generation Example (5 MB)  
SoundBlaster Generations Original (2 MB) Men at Work
SoundBlaster Generations 1 Generation (2 MB)  
SoundBlaster Generations 5 Generations (2 MB)  
SoundBlaster Generations 10 Generations (2 MB)  
SoundBlaster Generations 20 Generations (2 MB)  
Bit Reduction Example (5 MB)  
Static Phase Shift (No file needed) Tele-Vision
Null Tests (No file needed) Happy Go Lucky


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